About Me

I enjoy many aspects of BDSM and control. I especially like whipping and caning. Your body will be my canvas. To turn red, to mark and to admire. The marks I leave will be a reminder of our time and give both of us pleasure. I am aware that sometimes discretion is needed and therefore can restrain myself from leaving too many obvious marks. Wax play is especially good for quick skin recovery…

While I am a bit of a bratty princess I will always get my way and you will always thank me afterwards.
I have a teeny, tiny sadistic streak and a wicked grin and laugh to go with it.
I do not pout and stamp my feet when disobeyed, I punish and torture.

I enjoy many aspects of BDSM and control. I like spanking, caning, and various hitting toys. Judicial punishment is a particular favourite of mine.
I truly enjoy giving caning and whippings, it brings out my sadistic streak.
I can also provide sensual domination, sensation play and restrained tickling.
I adore foot worship and am extremely happy to receive clients for foot focused sessions.
I will remain fully clothed at all times, though you may not I do enjoy CFNM.
I do not provide sex, so if that’s what you are looking for…thank you for the consideration but no.

I am a firm believer in charity and while I do have a wishlist (Link), donating to any of the following charities in my name will be truly appreciated even more.


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