No Sessions until September

Like many others in the industry, I have taken a break from sessions due to the covid outbreak.

I’ve found an increase in enquiries recently, with a lot of speculation about restrictions being lifted.  I would never judge another Dominants decision on offering sessions, but for me it would be too much of a risk.

I am pregnant, which puts me in a risk category.  As such I am effectively on maternity leave from sessions.  In September I will review what is happening in the country and make a decision then on returning to sessions.   Whilst I hope to – I also have to keep myself and my children safe.

However.  If you have been following – I have been quite busy filming recently.  I’ve been listing many older clips on my store and have been filming POVs.   If you would like a custom clip then please contact me. Presently it is £25 for a 10 minute clip.  Yes, you can request pregnancy fetish clips.

If you wish to serve then you can make a good impression by purchasing content from my clip store.  Like many others, the inability to host sessions has hit what we do.  This both supports me AND you get to enjoy my clips.  We both win!

Thank you for your support and interest.



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